Our Vision and Mission :

                                                                          Welcome! We are glad to have you here. Every life has a motive. The motive of an independent being is the same as that of a collection of beings which is a happy life with health, wealth, prosperity, power, social respect – the list goes on and on. For this, we strive all through our life. Is our motive clear? Are we journeying in the right direction? Or do we get struck in the means, confusing the motive? Power brings enmity. Wealth brings insecurity. Social respect demands social makeup. Majority of the time in life is spent to protect the things that we have acquired. No lame can walk just as no sick can eat at his wish. Not knowing life, man becomes sick in search of his desire knowing nothing about himself and the purpose of life. Such individuals contribute to creating a physically and mentally sick society.Our motive is to free every individual from physical and mental illness.
We have been offering
  • Simple yogic practices for every age group.
  • Practices for self-reflection.
  • Ways to make use of herbs available in our locality.
  • Guidance on natural food habits.
  • Counselling and guidance.
  • We have been providing free treatment and training in Acupuncture in view of creating a disease-free world.